I am so excited to be offering our first 200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training! People have been asking me for years to dive in and I guess after 22 years of teaching I finally feel ready. The training will be a journey from Yoga’s deepest historical and spiritual roots to its proven scientific benefits in our current lifestyles.

If your dream is to become an inspiring, confident instructor…this is the training for you. If you crave an immersion for your personal growth and study…this training is for you. Here are some of the details…

tree pose

Lead Trainers: Diane Roberts & Camilla Sinclair Guest Trainers: Donna Todd, Chrissy Murley, Marc Boney, Dennis Dean and other great Yoga minds.

We will cover:

The History, Philosophy and Ancient Yogic Traditions
Basic Anatomy of Yoga and Functional Anatomy
Sequencing of an Asana Practice with Focus on Individual Needs
How to become a Strong, Compassionate, Safe and Inspiring Teacher
Meditation, Chanting and Pranayama (Breath Practices)
The techniques & nuances of teaching Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa & Therapeutic Yoga
Finding the Yoga you were meant to teach

Our Mission Statement: It is our mission to train future instructors from a deep respect for yogic traditions and its power to heal on every level. We have each personally experienced the transformation in our bodies, minds and hearts and will share our love, gratitude and passion throughout this training. Our strongest focal point will be on safe practice: The art of modifying asana to suit individual needs. Trainees will develop the confidence to work with a broad spectrum of the population including those dealing with injury or illness as well as healthy, strong, athletic people looking to prolong their good health.

Our graduates will be qualified to teach Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and All-Level Hatha Yoga Classes. They will have an experience of various yoga styles and the freedom to focus on areas they find most compelling.

Dates:ytt reverse prayer modification
October 3-5: Weekend
October 18: Workshop 1-6
November 7-9: Weekend
November 22: Workshop 1-6
December 5-7: Weekend
January 9-11: Weekend
January 24: Workshop 1-6
February 6-8: Weekend
February 20-22: Weekend

6 Weekends: Friday 5-9; Saturday 9-6:30; Sunday 9-6:30 3 Workshops: Saturday 1-6:00 Additional Requirements: Attend 25 Classes at Foundation Yoga & Wellness Center; Assist 3 Classes with a Foundation Yoga Instructor; Teach 2 Classes under a Foundation Yoga Instructor’s Supervision

Early Registration: $2475 (By August 15th) Registration: $2650

Non-refundable deposit of $500 is due with registration form

Payment plans are available upon request.