We believe that everyone comes to yoga looking for something and at Foundation Yoga we will help you meet and exceed your goals with Injury Rehabilitation, Strength, Stress Management, Stability, Athletic Cross-Training, and Flexibility. We can’t wait to meet you so here are some suggestions to help you feel safe and comfortable…

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your first class

Fill out a waiver form

Check in with your teacher with any concerns, injuries or questions

Please remove your shoes before entering the practice room (there are shoe racks & shelves for use)

Turn off cell phones

If you arrive late, please wait outside the room until opening meditation ends (class starts to move)

If you must leave early please do so quietly before Savasana begins (final resting)

Most teachers will end class with a meditation and a quiet Namaste. This is a simple acknowledgement to the Spirit that lives in all of us. Join in if it feels right but it’s fine if you don’t!

Yoga advisor questionnaire

By clearly understanding your priorities, our yoga advisor will match you to one of our impeccably trained and highly specialized teachers. There you will find the support and encouragement you need to meet and exceed your goals and empower you toward on-going success. Please fill out our intake form to get started today!

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