By Kris Kulp
Foundation Yoga & Wellness Center

There are a lot of core strengtheners but one of my personal favorites is forearm plank. I love to move into this pose through a series of slow motions that allow you to feel your strength and power in every movement. Give it a try and have fun!

plank pose modification

Start in Sphinx Pose:
Lie on your stomach with elbows directly under or slightly forward of your shoulders (hands can be flat on the earth or fingers interlaced together with the outer edge of your hand pressing down). Hug your forearms toward each other and have the feet a comfortable distance apart. Inhale and draw your tailbone toward your heels and feel your belly lightly lift. Imagine pulling the front of your mat back with your hands and forearms as your heart draws forward and up toward your finger tips.

Transitioning to and from Sphinx Pose to Forearm Plank:
From Sphinx Pose, slowly soften your heart to starting alignment and take your gaze to the earth. Imagine pushing the front of your mat forward with your hands and forearms then lift your navel, your hip points, your thighs, and finally your knees off the mat. Go slowly and pause as you lift each part of the body. Pause at the top. Feel your power and your strength. You’ve got this!

To come down, reverse the motion and slowly lower your knees, your thighs, your hip points and your navel back to the earth. Transition from Sphinx Pose to Forearm Plank 2-3 times before a longer hold in Forearm Plank.

Holding in Forearm Plank:
Press your forearms into the floor, press your shoulder blades onto your back, and lengthen your neck as you look towards the earth (SMILE). Press the heels back and activate the feeling of the inner thighs rotating in and up, take the tailbone towards the heels and with soft eyes say HELLO to your core, your fire, your commitment and your beautiful self! (Hold for 2-20 breaths) Slowly lower back down to the belly and press back into child’s pose breathing deeply into the belly.