It’s October 21 , 2013 and I’ve just completed my first training run for the San Diego Hot Chocolate 15K on Sunday, March 23rd.  I ran the 5K last year with a client who asked me to train her to run her first race ever and decided the hot cocoa and dark chocolate fondue at the finish line was awesome enough to make the event a yearly one.

I will include my experiments with different electrolyte products, energy boosters and lots of pictures of San Diego coastline…my primary stomping grounds.

And yes…it’s October and I’m already beginning to train 5 months ahead rather than the 3 months most programs allow for.  I prefer to make slow, steady progress and include significant cross training on my bike and yoga practice.

Today I was a little worried how my first run would 46go since I felt slow and my legs were heavy on my 20 mile bike ride yesterday.  I stretched hamstrings, calves and did some re-alignment of my sacroiliac joint before heading out and  I was so pleasantly surprised.  I set a slow pace and ran south down Highway 101 feeling a little soreness in my knees which went away in the first few minutes.

After 1 mile I took the path down to the beach and finished another half mile there before turning around.  I took a few tenth of a mile breaks in transitions up hill, down hill.