“The classes at Foundation Yoga offer a doorway into a conversation with your body. I always leave having received exactly what I needed that day. The classes are a beautiful combination of restorative and challenging options. The instructors are highly skilled in creating classes that build from the ground up and cater to each student’s needs. Once your foundation is established, the poses and the class seem to flow perfectly. I would recommend this studio to anyone that is interested in healing, strength and overall wellness.” – Laura
“The practice room is wonderfully light and airy, great wood flooring w/ side wall mirror and Diane controls the temperature to the comfort of the class. Parking is plentiful and easy and the location is easily accessible form the freeway 5 and Coast Highway, near the Solana Beach Train station.” – Allan
“A little over a decade ago I found Foundation Yoga and in the years since Diane has seen me through 2 hip replacements and a ruptured disc. Through her knowledge of anatomy, inventive strategies, and exceptionally clear directions, it has been possible for me to resume a vigorous outdoor life, including hiking the Inka Trail when I was 69. Diane has a teaching style that is meditative in its flow, encourages individual adaptation for maximum benefit and security, and is lighthearted while taking the work seriously. One comes away from her class in a great mood, after a great workout, strengthened and relaxed at the same time.” – Ida
“I’ve been able to do everything I love thanks to my 16 years of classes with Diane. I have a really bad scoliosis and it’s comforting to think that thanks to Diane, I’ll be able to keep moving through this journey without constant pain. Thanks for keeping me happy!” – Karen
“Diane melds the spiritual practice of Yoga with a knowledge of how each posture can be used for therapeutic healing. I always feel so safe when practicing under her knowledgeable eye and even in her larger classes she’s able to focus on what each student needs. So many times I’ve arrived with something hurting and have left feeling amazingly improved. I don’t know why I’m always surprised that she was able to fix me, again!!!” – Kim
“Jeff’s Sunday morning class is a highlight of my week. With his emphasis on coordinating breathing and movement, I feel connected to the true spirit of Yoga.” – Ann
“I have been a student of Jeff’s for 13 years and find each class gets better. The classes complement my gym workouts perfectly and I am in the best shape of my life. He has us working each pose mindful of the breath and that also extends into my daily life. I am so grateful for Jeff and Foundation Yoga for my health and peace of mind.” – Deirdre
“Camilla always greets her students with a smile and has a soothing, melodic voice, often accompanied by the perfect choice of music. The routines she guides us through have a lovely flow and are a blessing for our bodies as well as our souls. I can truly say that having Camilla as my instructor has been a gift.” – Jan
“Camilla exudes a confidence and peace that makes me grateful every time I take her class. She creates a sacred space when she teaches and within it there is always laughter, humor and the sense that we’re getting to play…which ends up feeling like some very important work got done…without even trying.” – Kim
“When taking classes from Kris I have experienced my deepest meditation. Her calming voice and the natural flow of her class is conducive to my letting go of everyday thoughts and cares and experiencing a relaxing, calming of my spirit.” – Maureen
“Kris brings a sense of calmness and focus and the flow between each pose feels very thoughtful. Her classes provide me with a sense of mind, body and soul balance. I often leave her classes feeling as if I just had a massage. She also has fabulous music in class. I would highly recommend practicing with Kris.” – Danielle
“I have had major back problems and Kris has helped me in her classes tremendously. She eases you into poses, caters certain moves to your needs, and creates a comfortable relaxing environment for all to enjoy.” – Matt
“I have been practicing yoga for more than thirty years and Donna Todd is by far the best, most knowledgeable yoga teacher I have ever encountered. Each week of the month has a theme: Week one, standing poses; week two chest openings, etc.This allows students to work with all aspects of our structures and I have become much stronger and more flexible over the years. I recommend Donna for anyone of any age and any ability. Gentle, thorough, and as demanding as she needs to be for each one of her students.” – Sue
“I find Donna to be authentic, compassionate, non-judgmental, encouraging and lots of fun. She is an awesome teacher. Donna’s sequencing of poses coordinated with breath work is amazing. What I find remarkable, is how well she knows the workings of the body. She makes sure our spines are warmed up before we begin any challenging poses. If a pose is difficult she has an alternative pose to suggest. She is so present and aware of each person in the class.“ – Sandy

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